Notes from Beauty 2.0 Meetup with PR Pro Deirdre Breckenridge

With KartMe’s coverage in Cosmo and focus on mobile clipping folders, I’ve begun learning about the beauty space.  A meetup group titled “Beauty 2.0” seemed the perfect fit. Upon arrival, it was fun to see a familiar face in Holly Chen from group sponsor MySkin.

The highlight was definitely a talk from Deirdre Breckenridge.

Here are my notes:

* Everyone now has the power to amplify your message.

* Listen and observe the conversations being had across all social networks for months before engaging.

* Emotional connections can be developed by providing useful information .  If your beauty tip on skin care for frequent travelers makes some think they’re gorgeous, they’ll feel a deep connection with you.  MichellePhan and UrbanDecay are good at this.

* Your goals should be the first thing a prospective PR firm asks about.

* The up and coming tier of bloggers should be targeted first.  They might have 1,000s of followers.

* Social media releases are different from press releases.  Give the online community something interactive that keeps the conversation going. Include graphics and video.  Look at the “social media release template” from Shift Communications. PitchEngine also has some examples.

* A social media policy helps your team know how to engage online. Might also help legally.

* Free tools to help you locate and listen.  Here is a list from Deirdre.

I look forward to reading more of Deirdre’s blog at and following her on Twitter.

To share your notes, please post or link to them in the comments.  Thanks!

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